Indoors/ Outdoors

Our aim is to create environments that are beautiful, soothing, full of wonder and discovery, so that children feel intrigued, respected, and eager to spend their days living and learning in this space. A strong focus for all our environments and learning programs is to reflect an atmosphere of respect and appreciation for the importance of nature and sustainability.

At all our preschools the indoor and outdoor learning environments reflect a holistic approach to learning and provide endless opportunities and possibilities to support your child’s wellbeing, education and autonomy. Our spaces and resources at each preschool are arranged with in environments to empower and support children to actively engage in co-constructing their learning journey and to gradually build supported independence.

Our preschool environments are designed to allow children to move freely through distinct learning centres – these learning areas are thoughtfully planned to build specific skills and create opportunities that stimulates imagination, creativity, socialisation, exploration and discovery.

Children are surrounded daily with natural and created environments and resources that enable them to construct, represent and test theories. Children are provided with flexible daily routines and time to explore environments and learning centres to fully develop their ideas and thoughts.