Out & About In the Community

All our preschool classrooms regularly get ‘out and about’ in the local Queanbeyan community.

Our adventures into the community can mean; a class walking in the local area to visit a park to collect nature items, which are then brought back to the preschool classroom to create artistic masterpieces; taking part in a local event such as the annual Queanbeyan Reconciliation Walk or to join a ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ at the local Primary School as part of our Transition to School Program; a stroll to the post box down the street to post classroom letters home or perhaps a longer walk to the Post Office to see how the mail system works first hand; or simply heading out to the front of the preschool to watch the storm water drain after a heavy rain.

We find the children love the sense of freedom these outings offer. They love learning about their town, as well as discovering new treasures, creatures or plants in nature – the children’s excitement is contagious.