Sleep, Rest and Relaxation Program

Queanbeyan & District Preschool Association recognises that supporting healthy sleep, rest and relaxation development in Early Childhood is vital for ensuring that children can flourish and meet their individual potential. As with other areas of a child’s development, there is considerable individual variation in children’s sleep and rest needs across the early childhood years and in particular the preschool period.


Building strong ongoing communication and relationships with families ensures we remain responsive to individual needs and creates shared goals when providing for children’s individual sleep, rest & relaxation needs.


We aim to ensure all children feel safe and secure through the provision of positive, nurturing and safe environments across Queanbeyan & District Preschool Associations Preschools.


We feel it is important to encourage and enable children to take increasing responsibility for their own wellbeing and to have opportunities to make decisions about daily practices and experiences that affect them – one of the indicators of this capacity is that children ‘recognise and communicate their bodily needs, for example thirst, hunger, rest, comfort, physical activity (Early Years Learning Framework – EYLF).