STEM Program

STEM is the most common acronym applied to the integrated approach used for teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM is everywhere in a child’s life – Our nourishment, our safety, our environments and neighbourhoods, our relationships with family and friends, our health, our work, and our leisure are all profoundly shaped by new technologies and the discoveries achieved through science. STEM is a part of our daily lives and will shape our future – educators at QDPA Preschools enhance this learning by making STEM explicit to children within all our learning programs.

The STEM philosophy helps to foster skills required for twenty-first century learning, including critical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity, information and media literacy, communication, collaboration and self-directed learning (Kaufman, 2013).

All QDPA Preschools offer integrated STEM Programs through;

  • Science experiments and extended child directed projects are a part of all learning programs
  • Technology and engineering – daily use of resources at each preschool such as; iPads and SMART board computers, projectors, microscopes, magnets, light tables, construction and building materials and small parts exploration.
  • Mathematics is everywhere in a child’s life and mathematical skills are promoted through both intentional and spontaneous interactive problem-solving activities which encourage – sorting, matching, ordering, comparing, classifying, problem-solving, counting and quantifying, creating patterns, measuring and deducting.