Become Involved

There are many ways that parents and families can become involved, have a voice and stay in contact with your child’s preschool, teachers and our educational programs. We warmly welcome you and your family into our preschools and we appreciate your feedback.

Become a Volunteer

There are a range of opportunities to volunteer your time and skills to assist our children in their programs and activities throughout the Association.

Join Our Committee

Our Management Committee welcomes members at the Annual General Meeting held in March each year. This is a perfect way to get involved and support our Preschools

Join Our Family Events

Our Preschool Association warmly welcomes families to our events throughout the year. These include events like Special Friends Day and Family Picnic.

Volunteer In Our Programs

Volunteering and offering your time and skills in any of our children’s program of activities, projects, visiting incursions or our excursions out into the community is another great way to become involved in your child’s preschool and experience. 

If you have a talent, an interest, a special skill, cultural knowledge, occupation or strength you would like to share and which will support our learning program, preschools or you just simply want to be a part of your child’s experience for an hour, please have a chat with your child’s teacher and we would love to have you join us and support us in the classroom/preschool as a volunteer.

Mura Preschool kid playing outside
Mura Preschool kid and truck
Mura Preschool kid playing football
Karabar Preschool kids slide

Join Our Management Committee

Becoming a part of our QDPA Management Committee is a wonderful way for parents to be involved and stay in contact with what is happening at your child’s Preschool and across the Association – it is also a fantastic way to get to know other parents and offer much appreciated support to our local Preschool Association.

Committee members are warmly welcomed onto our committee. The best time to join is at our AGM in March. The QDPA Management Committee play a key role in organising parent social and fundraising events for the Association, as well as providing feedback and acting as a voice for individual preschools and families on their preschool experience. The QDPA Committee Handbook provides additional information for interested parents – we would love your support, please come & join us.

You can also view our QDPA Annual Report here. 

Mura Preschool kid playing
Harris Park Preschool art materials
Mura Preschool plants
Karabar Preschool outdoor area

Join Our Family Events

Each term across the year we do our best to provide a number of family events.

You and your family are warmly welcomed into our preschool environments to become a part of the festivities – as an example these could include; Special Friends Day, Mothers & Fathers Night activities, end of year children’s concerts, Family Picnic and Children’s Christmas Party, as well as numerous fundraising events and social outings – come and join the fun.

Mura Preschool kid playing sand
Mura Preschool hanging plant decors
Karabar Preschool kids activity
Harris Park Preschool indoor area

Not Sure Where To Start?

If you are looking to join the QDPA community but are unsure how or where you can help, get in touch with us today.