Waratah Preschool

At the heart of every child’s preschool journey at Waratah is our holistic approach to school readiness.

We value the “process” of open-ended learning through a variety of enriching experiences that will nurture children’s self-expression, self-esteem, independence, creativity, imagination, perseverance and sense of belonging as we collectively value, respect, and embed cultural diversity daily through our program and practice.

Waratah Preschool


27 Alanbar Street, Karabar


(02) 6297 3850



Our Preschool Programs

Waratah Preschool consists of a single classroom which offers both a 2-day extended 7.5-hour Program or 3-day school hours program on the following day/times:

Waratah Preschool dinosaurs

Seahorse Group

Monday & Tuesday
2 day extended hours Program from 8.30am to 4.00pm

Waratah Preschool playground

Dolphin Group

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
3-day school hours Program from 9.00am to 3.00pm

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Our preschool is full of enriching experiences to support your child on the way to school readiness

Our Philosophy

Children’s agency is valued and supported when contributing to planning for the program emerging from their own ideas to create innovative learning opportunities.

Empowering Our Children

By engaging in open-ended conversations, we encourage children to share their ideas and interests, and provide support for them to further develop their knowledge and understanding.

Connection to Country

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, cultures, and futures is an important aspect to our Preschool where children can learn, respect and care for country.

Community Involvement

We recognize the vital role that families and cultural groups play in children's learning, and strive to foster respectful relationships within our preschool community.

Innovative Learning

We empower children to discuss their ideas for further learning and interests through open ended conversations to scaffold their knowledge. We recognise each child’s strengths and abilities will further develop over time through the educational program that includes child’s individual goals as well as the ambitions of our group as a whole.

Waratah Preschool girls playing
Waratah Preschool painted snake art

Embracing Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Culture

We acknowledge the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people as the traditional owners of the land in which we explore, play, and learn. Embracing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, cultures, and futures is an important element as we provide children with learning opportunities to become socially and environmentally responsible citizens; growing awareness of the importance of First Nations land management and sustainability by caring for country.

Celebrating Our Diverse Community

We emphasise on the central role that families and cultural groups play in children’s learning and the importance of respectful relationships with our preschool community as we celebrate different events and celebrations throughout the year. Our strong community and family involvement helps strengthen the learning experiences for our children and is seen as an important and valued factor in our approach to promote a sense of being, belonging and becoming including an intergenerational program with Warrigal Queanbeyan, local schools, Queanbeyan Palarang Council, Health Professionals, Community Health and SaCC. 

Waratah Preschool wooden arts