Waratah Preschool

Waratah Preschool is located on the corner of Alanbar and Waratah Streets in Karabar. Parking is provided at the rear of the Preschool off Alanbar Street. Waratah Preschool is within close proximity of Queanbeyan South Public School.

At Waratah Preschool we have a focus around the unhurried child encouraging them to investigate and explore their environment, their social world and their creativity and thinking.  We believe our preschool has a strong focus on community engagement and where possible will venture out into the community to participate with local primary and high schools as well as utilize the open spaces around our service.  Our preschool philosophy is embedded with strong stance on inclusion, anti-bias and gender equity.  We pride ourselves on building relationships with families and children and develop learning goals for children in consultation with family members, children themselves, health professionals and our professional team of educators.

When you come into our preschool setting your child will be welcomed and encouraged to build a strong sense of self identity and develop positive relationships with the educators and peers around them.  Their learning and development will all look different from each other and we plan for each child’s individual needs as well as the needs of our group as a whole.

We give careful thought to our learning spaces and see our environment as a catalyst to provoke interest and curiosity which will in turn lead learning with a balance of spontaneous learning opportunities, child initiated learning and planned intentional teachable moments. At Waratah Preschool, your child will engage in small and whole group learning, which may incorporate; music, story time, group conversations, morning planning meetings, group games, creative expression, mathematical and scientific concepts, as well as social and emotional well-being and learning about the natural world around us.

Our preschool is flexible in its routines, programs and approaches as we see ourselves as evolving learners alongside our children with each new challenge or situation.  Our educators are skilled professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge of children, their development and theoretical perspectives.  All our team believe in the valuable and rewarding role in educating children in our community.

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Devised in consultation with our preschool community in 2018
Our preschool community envisages children that are individually successful, motivated and engaged in lifelong learning. We believe that all children have the right to access quality preschool experiences with committed educators who aim at building and nurturing respectful relationships with them and their families. We acknowledge the custodial ancestors on which our preschool is established and give thanks to the Ngunnawal/Ngambri people of which we remember each day when coming together.
We give valued thought to the following four key areas:

Our Professional Team

• Will continue to build on our skills and knowledge of Early Childhood education and current research through self-evaluation processes, networking with others, and accessing relevant learning materials and information.

• As a long established team, our educators will work collaboratively and aim to recognise how our own personal experiences, values and ideals impact on the children we teach and the interactions we have.

• We understand the context in which we work and how that determines the curriculum and teaching that is delivered.

• We will value the importance on critical reflection that drives our curriculum and our teaching focus.

• We enjoy our work!!!!

Our Families and Children

  • We acknowledge that the child is connected to family, place and community. We embrace, respect and embed where possible culture and diversity and believe there is a place for all children in our preschool to experience and understand each family is unique
  • We encourage and rely upon family support to deliver a partnered approach to learning experiences for children in terms of volunteers, sharing culture, events, and celebrations and being available to spend time in our service.
  • Generations of families have entrusted us with their children and it is now a legacy for many local families.
  • Our children are all on individual learning journeys and welcome at preschool. We believe in the unhurried child and let children linger in learning and play where possible.

Our Curriculum

  • With the Early Years Learning Framework as our guide we encourage and support each child to reach their individual potential through extending their knowledge, providing a rich learning environment, discussing ideas and thoughts, building relationships, listening, caring as well as challenging their attitudes, concepts and development……………and most importantly playing.
  • We understand through conversations with families that there are high priorities for school readiness to be embedded in our curriculum and we believe in a multi model approach that sees learning through play. We believe in the benefits of offering spontaneous, planned and child requested experiences and encourage children to try out a variety of learning areas.
  • We value the “process” of creativity, self- expression and learning, preferring the open ended experience over a predetermined end product. We aim to make learning a social experience with fun and games and laughs too.

We keep coming back to our pedagogical knowledge of what theories and experience’s work in our context and it is the essence of “Being”, “Reliability” and the “Constant” for many children when they attend our preschool. We know that children need ongoing support and encouragement with secure attachments and for this reason we established our small group times.

Our Communities

  • We endeavour to engage with local community groups and organisations and promote our passion for early learning and provide our children with the knowledge that they are supported within their local community.
  • We act as a conduit between our families and the many community programs that support them and their child’s development and sense of wellbeing.
  • Queanbeyan has a strong community sense and we feel that participation helps strengthen the learning experiences for our children and is seen as an important and valued factor in our approach.
  • As a community within our preschool we establish guidelines, respectful relationships and the coming together at key times in our day.
  • We are part of the Queanbeyan and District Preschool Association and work towards our common vision in our community.


We eat together, play together, talk together, learn together & grow together

Waratah Preschool consists of a single classroom which offers both a 2 day extended 7.5 hour Program

or 3 day school hours Program on the following day/times;

  • Monday & Tuesday (Seahorse Group – 2 day extended hours Program from 8.30am to 4.00pm
  • Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (Dolphin Group)- 3 day school hours Program from 9.00am to 3.00pm

Teaching Team – Holly Suitor-Fogarty (Director/Teacher), Heather Holmden, Angela Furlantto, Ann-Maree Whitby, Lynda Lee and Trina Conroy.


Address: 27 Alanbar Street, Karabar NSW 2620

Phone:02 6297 3850



Holly Suitor-Fogarty