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Preschool Enrolment

To get started, please complete our waiting list form and feel free to contact us to arrange a tour of our preschools.

The Enrolment Process

Families identified for a potential placement in the following year, will be contacted around May/June and the enrolment form will be emailed to them. 

Round one offers then go out to families in August who were previously contacted with the enrolment form. This process is identified as a ‘first in best dressed’, however, priority of access guidelines are also applied throughout this process. 

When being offered a placement, the placement is offered to the Association – preferred preschools will be considered, however, can not be guaranteed.  We pride ourselves on offering four high quality preschools, all in close proximity to one another, and guarantee the quality of the program will be consistently provided in any preschool within the Association.  

Following round offers continue beyond August for any potential and remaining vacancies across the preschools. 

Meet and greets are then offered to each enrolment (15-minute chat with the teacher) at the end of Term 3.

‘Stay and Plays’ are offered in term 4, for a 1-hour orientation session, which is scheduled for the whole class so parents can meet other parents, and likewise for the children. 

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Harris Park Preschool boat

Fee Information

Fees are set by the Queanbeyan & District Preschool Association Management Committee in Term 4 for the following year. Fees are charged for your pattern of enrolment; however, fees are not charged for NSW Public Holidays or school holiday periods where the Preschools are closed. Family holidays and other absences are payable if your child is booked to attend on those days.

In 2023, the NSW Government are providing funding for Preschool families under the Start Strong Funding. Preschool families who elect for their funding to be allocated to their Preschool place with QDPA will be eligible for $4220 to be applied to their fees across the year. When you are offered a place with QDPA, the Start Strong NSW Government form will be provided to you to nominate and declare where you wish your funding to be allocated.

Our Fees for 2023 are:

  • $37 per day (non-equity families)
  • $12 per day (equity families – eligible concession holders with valid evidence including health care card, Indigenous children, 785 & 786 visa holder and/or children with identified early intervention needs).

If you elect the funding to be applied for your Preschool place at QDPA, your entire year of fees will be covered, except if your child is enrolled in a 3-day program, there will be an out-of-pocket cost of $55 per term (for non-equity families).

A one-off annual levy of $160 for the year is payable upon accepting your child’s enrolment, which covers Association Membership and excursion costs.

Welcome to Mura Preschool

Our Preschool Fees and Levies Include:


At QDPA, we are proud users of the app “OWNA”. This app is a ‘one-stop-shop’, allowing parents to sign children in and out, mark their children absent from preschool; as well as being our platform for documenting, planning, and programming.

Children’s stories, photos and videos are collated under their profile and families can access these daily.

Administratively we utilise OWNA as our communication platform – notices, updates and newsletters are all sent to you via the app. Fees (where applicable) will also be direct debited through OWNA.

On confirmation of enrolment, you will be emailed an invitation to OWNA – we strongly encourage you do this and engage with the app on a regular basis to ensure you don’t miss any important information come through.

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