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Mura Preschool

Mura Preschool is the newest preschool to our association and is welcoming children and families from across the Queanbeyan region.

Mura Preschool is located at 181 Cooma Street. Entrance and parking is via Queenbar Road through Aulich Park next to the Queanbeyan Tigers Oval.

Mura is the newest service to open under the Queanbeyan and District Preschool Association and began operating on 9th March 2022 after the increased need for preschool places within the Queanbeyan community was identified in our strategic plan.  Mura, meaning “Pathways”, was named after consultation with the local Ngambri Land Council and our preschool community and opened officially in ceremony by Aunty Matilda House on 12th May 2022.  

Mura Preschool


181 Cooma Street, Karabar NSW 2620


(02) 6297 1640



Our Preschool Programs

Mura Preschool consists of three classrooms of 20 children.
Our classrooms offer either a 2 and/or 3-day program on the following days/times:

Mura Preschool full classroom

Yurung Classroom

Broglas -Monday to Wednesday - 8.45am-2.45pm
Lyrebirds -Thursday & Fridays - 8.30am-4.00pm

Mura Preschool reading lounge

Yurrh Classroom

Pelicans - Monday & Tuesday - 8.15am-3.45pm
Cygnets - Wednesday to Friday - 9.00am-3.00pm

Mura Preschool indoor view

Burin Classroom

Bilby’s - Monday & Tuesday - 8.30am-4.00pm Numbats - Thursday & Friday - 8.15am - 3.45pm

Join Our Mura Preschool Community Today

Our new centre is dedicated to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all children, regardless of their learning or support needs.

Our Connection to Country

Mura Preschool environments reflect three indigenous names chosen by our preschool community. These represent natural elements in our local region.

Meaning Strong

Meaning Running Water

Meaning Stringy Bark

Fresh and Vibrant Environment

Our environments are fresh and inviting for children to spend time in and aim to provoke thinking and engagement. Each of our light-filled rooms has open doors to the outside play spaces allowing for flexible flow in our days.  Mura Preschool’s current philosophy reflects both emerging interests of children and our own understanding of how children learn in action to create an open program that has room for both spontaneous additions and planned learning experiences. We give careful thought to ‘Being, Belonging and Becoming’ for all our children and families and understand that families are the child’s first teachers.

Mura Preschool child playing
Mura Preschool arts and crafts time

Building Positive Relationships

We believe that positive and respectful relationships are key to successful partnerships with families and children. As we find our way on our new preschool journey, we also take consultation before action with families and children very seriously. We invite families to offer suggestions and ideas and be involved at each stage of their preschool experience with us.

Flexible & Evolving Preschool Programs

Our programs are flexible and evolving with a focus around children’s ideas and interest areas. Learning through play is paramount to children’s wellbeing and healthy development. We link play opportunities closely to children’s goals which are developed individually with family and child input and worked towards across the year. Mura Preschool believes that school readiness occurs not just with an academic focus, but also on a social and emotional level as well, which is just as important for children to develop resilience, trust and autonomy. 

Mura Preschool classroom area
Mura Preschool flower decor

Celebrating Community & Culture

We recognise the diverse needs of our community and encourage all families to feel included, supported, valued and involved. This includes implementing learning about celebrations and cultures as well as following the Early Years Learning Framework that encourages learning around our First Nation’s People. Our preschool enjoys beyond the fence excursions where we can utilise our local community facilities such as the local shops, playgrounds and ovals.  

Highly Skilled & Experienced Educators

We invest in the professional development of our Early Childhood Educators and consider ourselves as learners alongside children.  Our Educators are highly skilled and experienced, and implement a variety of traditional and contemporary Early Childhood theories into their programs. We continue to guide and mentor our Educators in their professional journey and use a variety of reflection tools to refine our practices. Our service also acts as a conduit between our relevant community services such as our local early intervention support groups, Aboriginal Education Consultive Committee, NSW health services and our local schools to support children and families in their child’s learning and transitions. 

Mura Preschool classroom table