Mura Preschool

Mura Philosophy

As our newest service QDPA this philosophy will be evolving with feedback and input from our 2022 families, Educators, community and the children.

Our Values

  • We understand children are capable of constructing their own learning.
  • We recognise the importance of community and that children learn by collaborating with their communities.
  • We recognise the environment as the third teacher, and it must be enriching and supportive.
  • We value each child’s uniqueness, ideas and interests, so to support their individual learning and development.

Our Practice

  • We will strive to develop and maintain positive and respectful relationships with families, acknowledging that families are the foremost influence on their children’s lives.
  • We will provide play-based, inquiry-based and strengths-based learning pedagogies and practices.
  • We will provide physical and social learning environments that are flexible, responsive and accessible.
  • We will guide and support children to explore their interests through projects as partners and nurturers.
  • We will respect children’s decision over what they learn and how they learn.
  • We will support the children to engage with their senses to help them learn and fully process.
  • We will encourage children to interact with their peers and explore the world through uninterrupted play.
  • We will encourage children to always express themselves and be given infinite means and opportunities to do so.
  • We will foster school readiness by creating a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment that will facilitate children’s learning and development in a broad range of areas.
  • We will encourage and promote resilience and a sense of belonging through positive, respectful and reciprocal relationships.
  • We will Provide inclusive practices by recognising each child as a valuable member of our classroom.