Harris Park Preschool

Established in 1952, Harris Park Preschool is a well known landmark in Queanbeyan and holds many precious and lasting memories for many generations.

Harris Park Preschool is located on the corner of Isabella & Lowe Streets and is in close proximity to central Queanbeyan and both Queanbeyan Public School and St Gregory’s Primary School, which has been operating in Queanbeyan since 1952. Our symbolic practices nurture a deep sense of belonging to people and place for children and their families. We are enclosed by beautiful trees and pride ourselves on our outdoor environment.

Harris Park Preschool


61 Lowe Street, Queanbeyan


(02) 6297 1689



Our Preschool Programs

Harris Park Preschool consists of four classrooms of 20 children per day.
Each of our four classrooms offer both a 2-day extended 7.5-hour program or 3-day school hours program on the following day/times:

harris park preschool classroom

Kangaroo Classroom

Wombats – Monday to Wednesday – 9.15am to 3.15pm
Emus – Thursday & Friday – 8.15am to 3.45pm

harris park preschool class

Echidna Classroom

Platypus – Monday & Tuesday – 8.15am to 3.45pm
Geckos – Wednesday to Friday – 8.45am to 2.45pm

harris park preschool activities

Kookaburra Classroom

Dingoes – Monday to Wednesday – 8.45am to 2.45pm
Wallaby – Thursday & Friday – 8.15am to 3.45pm

harris park classroom

Koala Classroom

Gumnuts – Monday & Tuesday – 8.15am to 3.45pm
Wattle – Wednesday to Friday – 9.15am to 3.15pm

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We are dedicated to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all children, regardless of their learning or support needs.

Our Philosophy

At our preschool, we recognise and value the unique contributions of each child. We believe that every child's thoughts, ideas, and experiences are important and help to create a rich and diverse learning environment.

Always Evolving

We are continually evolving in the wake of new research, the ideas of our educators, the awe and wonder of teaching children, as well as input from families each year so our children get the best opportunities of lifelong learning.

Holistic Approach

Our experienced educators are encouraged to use self-reflection as a tool for growth to strive for excellence. Our holistic approach and the belief that play is at the centre of our curriculum assists in providing this.

Building Confidence

The educators therefore strive to give each child the best start in their early education and life by supporting each child to gain confidence in their own abilities, and to develop a sense of belonging to their preschool and community as a whole.

Experienced Team of Educators

Our teachers and educators are passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated about their chosen profession and engage in continuous improvement and lifelong learning. As part of our ongoing commitment to the teaching community, educators are encouraged to use self-reflection as a tool for growth to strive for excellence. We continuously guide and mentor educators to update their personal and professional knowledge, skills and understanding so we can preserve high quality education for children attending our preschool.

Harris Park Preschool outdoor activities
Harris Park Preschool car

Flexible Routines

We believe that flexible routines within play enable children to reach their full potential to become resilient lifelong learners. Our curriculum is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and encompasses child centred learning and intentional teaching practices in conjunction with family participation. Curriculum decisions are carefully considered as we recognise children and families’ diverse individual circumstances, cultural foundations and identities. Children’s learning and development is documented in a variety of ways to showcase their unique interests and learning styles.

Building Connection

Being connected opens possibilities to consider belonging, being and becoming in our everyday interactions with each other, children, families, and communities. We value and encourage children to know they have a voice, are respected and celebrated. We recognise children’s strengths and interests as integral to their learning, development and achieving successes. We allow them to be involved in a meaningful way, promote responsibilities and a sense of purpose whilst exploring, creating, and learning in their own time, in an environment that considers holistic development to be the foundation for ongoing learning.

Harris Park Preschool outdoor swing
harris park outdoor area

Leading By Example

We lead by example as we are aware of our impact on the environment, and this is embedded in our daily curriculum. We strongly believe children are the future and it is essential that we support and promote sustainable environmental practises for future generations. The environment influences thinking, mood, behaviour, learning and emotions. We aim to establish an environment that is aesthetically pleasing, encourages the use of natural and found objects, appreciates the daily implementation of sustainability, whilst extending children’s knowledge about the environment in which they live and how to care for country.

Building a Culture of Respect

We acknowledge and respect our First Nations peoples, and we ensure our practices accept the unique and vastly diverse cultures and beliefs of all families. We take an active role in supporting many local community events and we are continuously networking with various services within the wider community. We view every child as an individual, who comes into the preschool with their own family traditions, cultures, beliefs, and abilities, which should be nurtured to ensure a sense of belonging, self-worth and connection is developed. We acknowledge that children learn within the context of their family and extended community and believe open communication is an integral part of our evolving program to be accessible, meaningful & inclusive for all children and their families. We believe that these differences are valuable to each child and that these differences need to be embraced and acknowledged.

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